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5 Inspired Gifts to Give the Earth this Holiday Season

with love and blessings from Julia Butterfly Hill

1. Commit to buy less. Decide that quality of time shared together is much more valuable and important than things. The greatest things in life aren't things at all.

2. Buy Local, Local, Local! When you do need to buy, decide Thrift Stores and Local Shops are cool and buy from them. These places are the vibrancy and vitality of our communities and take a lot less from the planet than huge corporations.

3. When you are wrapping gifts, use old newspapers, glossy magazines, and reused tissue and gift paper from previous gifts instead of destroying yet more forests for wrapping paper. What kind of gift do we truly want to give to each other and the world?

4. Make donations to not for profit organizations in honor of people or even animals that you love. If asked, the organization will send a note or card to the person (or animal!) you love, letting them know you gave a gift that will continue giving in their honor. There is a lot of really important work happening in the world that needs support in order to continue.

5. Volunteer your time to your local community. There is always so much to be done during this time. From feeding the hungry to giving coats to those who need them, sharing time and love with children who do not have families to sharing time with our elders who are often very lonely, your smile and kindness could make the difference in another person's life. Even with the very difficult times we face right now, we are truly Blessed to have been given the gift of life and sharing our joy and love will help others and change the world.

Remember, the greatest gift in giving is not in what you are giving away, ut what you are becoming a part of. Make sure what you are giving are true reflections of your love and values. In this you will give the gifts that will continue to give-- including circling back to you in the Circle of Life we all share.

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