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Jan. 1st, 2002

Edited and reposted from way back in history: 2001-06-07

1. How old are you? 29
2. How old is your child/children? 6yrs and 8yrs.
3. Boy/Girl? Boys.
4. Did you/do you plan to breastfeed? If so, why, if not, why not? Yes she did. Reason: Breast feeding is healthier because of the colostrum and all.
5. Did you/do you plan to use cloth nappies? If so, why, if not, why not? We planned to use cloth but found them too be more polluting. Ended up using huggies disposables.
6. Did you know the sex of your baby/babies before birth? Did you ask? Yes. Both kids had ultrasounds from conception.
7. Did you always want children? Yes.
8. Were your children planned? The first one was tough to conceive and was a medical miracle. The second was detected so soon after the birth of the first that the docs denied it as a child and deemed it a tumor. Then the "tumor" got a heartbeat. The second baby was a most pleasant suprise.
9. Do you ever wish your experience of parenthood was different? Why? Yes. We could have done with a lot less outside stressors about having a disabled child. Social services, work, and school administrators have made it very difficult. We have divorced but stay very close. Many of the reasons for our split were exacerbated by the extreme stressors. We have given the matter extensive thought.
10. What do you think your children will be like as adults/older children? Independent, confident, creative, ...
11. Name three things you wish for your children. Happiness, good government, longevity, wisdom.
12. Which attributes have your children taken from each parent/family member? Both will have our survival skills (learned from experts). Both will have intelligence and generosity. They will have learned better communication skills from their mom. From their stepfather they will learned responsibility, orderliness, reliability, and confidence. They hopefully will have learned patience and civility from me, as well as some humor. :P
13. Did your experience differ from what you expected? How so? Please see the disability question above. We had both expected to have no external support. However, unfortunately there has been less enjoyment, and more rigidity of thought than we expected.
14. Do you want more children? Yes. We (as in the three of us; my exwife, her fiancee, and myself) are having a girl sooner or later.

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