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I could not agree more with Valkyriechick here.

I like PallottaTeamworks but have no specific loyalties to their company.

I am planning to be the Medical Team Crew Captain for the Avon Breast Cancer 3•Day in San Francisco again, as well as on the California AIDSRide this year.

I AM getting VERY sick of their advertisements on TV.

Here is the site of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and 'their' AIDS/LifeCycle Ride.

My Current Mood: nauseous, VERY nauseous from the commercials.
From here.

In response to: http://www.prsurvey.com/3day/ regarding "3,061 Walkers Complete the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day San Francisco"

"I am disappointed by the layoffs of local staff members. The decline of organization at the national level was very distressing. The local staff really made the event more enjoyable last year [2000]. You are about to lose your endorsements from the SFAF as well as [that of] Tanqueray. The "general orders" policy is good, but not at the risk of losing local connections and services. We will shift our support to other local organizations if the decline of services is not halted. The [Kindness C]alendar is mostly useless as it was sent [out] so late. You are wasting funds by way of nonsent shirts, multiple shirts sent, walkers recieving empty packets, late mailings, duplicate mailings containing errors, wrong shirt and fleece sizes, lack of flexability at the national levels, [and] lack of local connections. These problems will kill you by driving away your participants and their funders. Address these issues now. Please."
From here.

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