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Welcome to the Medical Crew of the California AIDSRide 9 of 2002. My name is Richard Lai and I will be your Medical Crew Captain for the event. We are a small group currently but we are arranging to receive reinforcements along the route.

It is my hope is that we can work as a cohesive, well-oiled machine to make sure that the riders and crew with minor ailments are taken care of in a timely manner. More importantly, we must be constantly on the look out for the participant that's in trouble and may need care that only a hospital can provide.

I see my role as a representative of the crew, who shares information with the other crews. I also see my self as a facilitator who can help you do your jobs better by providing you with the right information. Most of all, I see myself as another crew member, who brings his own skills to the event. Along that line, everyone needs to think about what unique skills he or she possesses and how he or she can help the medical team. What I do not see myself as is your boss or superior. We are all equal in our dedication to this event and therefore equally important to the cause. I think you'll find me easy to work with and I look forward to working with you all.

We are, as of 5/21/02, expecting 600-800 riders to show up and participate in this year's event.

blab, blab, blab...

Remember each one of you is a critical part of the chain of success of the event. If we lose just one link we jeopardize the whole crew process.

You must take care of yourself.

In regards to medical supplies, please be mindful of conservation both to save resources environmentally & to be able to have a greater return to the cause. The more dollars we can save, equals the more funds that go to the effort of what we are doing in the first place. Previous events have had 'unexpected costs' that have reduced the net total of dollars generated. I am not saying "be cheap", but be thoughtful. Our supplies are not paid for by health insurance nor lining an administrator's pocket.

I have a goal to save any used mylar emergency blankets that would be discarded to give to ebfnb & fnb-sf.

Suggestions, questions, comments ?

I am very eager to meet you all in person.

Please remember I need your profession license number, tee shirt size, vegetarian v. nonvegetarian meal preference, and event contact number ie; cellphone number

Please call me at 1.XXX.XXX.XXXX


Richard Lai

Attachment : 1438-AEMedicalGuide.pdf (231k), 1438-AEAppA_B.pdf (23k)

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