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Dec. 13th, 2000

Well here as promised is the overall content of my well scheduled weekend for Friday, December 8th through to Tuesday, the 12th.
    1) I succeeded in getting to all of the events,
    2) I had a pounding headache (which also has delayed this posting) but despite it (and with the aid of Tylenol),
    3) I had a great time. Much better than burying my head in papers from work or starring at my ceiling.
Friday I helped my ex-wife prepare for a kiddish being given after the Saturday service at shul. It was fun as always to be doing a project together.

Saturday was the volunteer training session. It went I think very well. It covered many of the relevant issues faced by the client population. I was able to match names now with faces. I also got a ride home from "my newest bestest buddy."

Friendship is an interpretation of a relationship independent of how each individual regards the other. It reflects the met needs not the needs met.

Sunday was the reunion Familiar faces from the 'volunteer nights' as well as some who 'only' walked were there. Fair turnout but the location 'was in the middle of no where' in the SOMA of San Francisco. Had a drink (a Bloody Mary), won a gift certificate, and finalized a decision to 3-peat (repeat the 3-Day). The person I had gone there specifically to meet was there but had plans for afterward already. :(

Monday was the DanceSafe weekly meeting. I met many new (to me) faces and made some new friends (always a positive) plus got another ride home again. I hope to get my car and stuff back in order. Unfortunately it is the price I might have to pay. Taking public transit and carpooling has been very economical and definitely ecologically positive for me. I loath driving but want to reciprocate the good will shown to me by my friends. Maybe I will help pay gas money instead of doing the car thing. Yeah!

Tuesday is always stressful cause I don't want to miss taping (dread I say it) Buffy. Daniela, I sympathize with your VCR timer problem (understanding though that was not really the main message there). And I even own my computer company.

Don't want a crappy recording.
Don't want a crappy recording.
Don't want a crappy recording.
Damn was a repeat anyway.

Tomorrow I do a 'one time' volunteer gig at rabbit.org Something new and no doubt interesting.

This time next week I will be back at work (most likely).

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