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An update..

On Sunday my little lad's birthday party was perfect, almost. Two burners on the four burner stove of the rented room did not work. This slowed the onsite production of latkes but E was able to fix their stove somewhat so D was happier (as she was the one cooking the latkes). Guest turn out was good, better than had been expected considering the party's proximity to the winter holidays from school.

Monday I spent entirely with the kids. We went out to breakfast at a fast food "restaurant" and I use the quotes here because I could not bring myself to eat anything but the coffee and pancakes. I am becoming more and more a vegetarian. Cheap 'Happy Breakfast Meal' toys were enjoyed by the kids till the battery in one failed after 30 minutes.

We then went to see the neighborhood fire department. The kids got another chance to sit behind the steering wheel and climb over the cab. The got a chance to sit on the gurney of the paramedic rig and see the engine with the hose and pump. The fire department guy also listened carefully to my son describe how the toys from McDonald's are usually pretty good except the one being held in his hand now with the dead battery. We then went home to build a Lego model of the "Destroyer Droid" from Star Wars Episode One.

Complex critter. Took us/me three hours (together [R is only six]). He loves robots and E is rightfully encouraging him. It is the 'engineering' bond.

Afterward we went to a holiday party at one of the places where I volunteer. That was good also. Today E and D wanted the kids so I have been to a job interview and online. I still do not feel like I spend enough time with the kids, yet I know this is erroneous static.

While online I became a member of Artvamp's cadre because she is a pagan. Really! I asked for a postcard from Paris from debgirl001 because she is neat also.

I wish I could hug people. And be socially comfortable with it. I can give *Hugs* online and via email but find it extremely difficult and awkward to give hugs to people I care for deeply in real life. I am uncomfortable with the fact that I cannot hug others. I think my fear is that this is preferred by my friends, this 'no contact'.

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