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Sep. 28th, 2002

The 3rd Annual East Bay DIY (Do It Yourself) Skillshare Conference is turning out really well. It is unfortunate that the venue is however suffering such troubles though.

As much as I would like to attend certain sessions at the skillshare tomorrow I am scheduled to be helping out at the Folson St. Fair. After the scheduled shift I will probably help out ebfnb with the Sunday cookhouse cleanup then go to a friend's wedding.

The Emergency Zapatista Benefit Concert went well on Friday night.

From their posting:

Four Zapatsita authorities in Chiapas, Mexico were murdered by paramilitaries last month, many more have been critically injured, intimidated and forced to leave their homes for protection. The Mexican federal and state governments have not only done nothing to stop these crimes, but have refused to even investigate the murders committed. Why? What other reason except that they are directly involved in the execution of these human right's abuses themselves. The Mexican government directly arms and assists the paramilitary groups to use tactics of low-intensity warfare against the indigenous people whose existence is a hindrance to its political agenda. And this political agenda is directly related to our own governments "backyard" foreign policy which seeks to create free-trade policies, such as NAFTA and the new ominous Plan Puebla Panama, to spread and strengthen its capitalist strong-hold throughout Mexico and Central America. The only way to stop this trend toward total global domination by relentless corporatizations is to defend communities like the Zapatistas, willing and able to resist industrial "development" in order to defend their rights, autonomy and the land that they live on. We are having a benefit concert for this very purpose on the 27th of September at the Humanist Hall in Oakland, an Emergency Zapatista Benefit Concert from which all the profits will be hand-delivered to the refugees in Chiapas, Mexico, by some of the members of our group, The Chiapas Support Committee. The Humanist Hall is at 390 27th Street, the price will be a sliding scale between 5 and 15 dollars, and delicious and nutritious Food Not Bombs will be catering the event. We have a Butoh Dance Troup Performing, spoken word by Solidad Decosta, the local punk band Yaphet Kotto, hip-hop group Molotov Mouths, mexican punk band Disobedencia Civil, electronic funk by the Concepts and possibly much more. Please come and bring all your vibrant, revolutionary spirits! Starts at 7:30pm and all ages are welcome.

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