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This is in regards to an Antiwar march called by others as well as International A.N.S.W.E.R. with Jan 18, 2003 event info here: "http://www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/j18/logisticssf.html "

The winds of war are hard upon us, driven by Bush's staunch deadlines.
Next Saturday's rallies are being seen by many as an important test of public opposition that may have a material effect on the fateful decision to go to war, and therefore on hundreds of thousands of lives.
Some families have brought their children to recent peace marches as a Strollers and Scooters Brigade. (See below for background on the Brigade idea.)
Another group of families has recently been meeting to plan for a similar contingent. (See below for the Radical Families call.)
I suggest that we take up the suggestion of gathering at the northwest corner of Market and Montgomery, right above the Montgomery BART station. Evaluation of the experience of October 26 showed that it was impossible to get strollers into the Embarcadero plaza. Also, Montgomery will be closer to the front of the march, which will mean an earlier start and finish time (and the blessing of less crankiness as naptime approaches!).
If people want to organize gathering places at East Bay BART stations, they can, but it was so crowded last time that this was not terribly successful.
Lynn from California Peace Action says they could create the helium balloons that say "No Weapons, Use Your Words."
Last time it was fun to gather at the end in the Civic Center playground. But remember that there are two playgrounds, near each other but separated by hordes of protestors...so go to the one near Grove Street, on the southeast corner of the park, not the McAllister/northeast side.
Here are the details for the "No War On Iraq" march, Saturday, January 18:
Assemble 11 a.m. at the foot of Market St. at Embarcadero. Rally then march to Civic Center Plaza (Grove & Larkin) adjacent to City Hall for a closing rally with speakers, entertainment and cultural performances.

Babies, kids, parents, and allies:
Join a Radical Families contingent in the January 18th March against the war in Iraq.  Let's march together and show that war and blind patriotism are not family values!  We will be assembling at 11 am at the northwest corner of Market and Montgomery, right above the Montgomery Bart station.  At the end of the march we will reconvene in the playground on the south side of Civic Center Plaza.
Bring your family and friends, and spread the word!
Stroller/Scooter Brigade:
In late 2001, in opposition to war in Afghanistan, parents of toddlers began the Stroller Brigade for Peace. We were approached by parents with children in their pre-teen years, who want to join with the strollers in presenting a united front of children/families for peace. So we expanded the concept to a Strollers and Scooters Brigade.
Let's create a presence of kids and parents at every peace march, be visible as a contingent with our strollers. If there is no announced Stroller/Scooter contingent, just clump together in the front! "Kids to the front of the march!" makes the point that the issue is really about the effect of war on children, that they have the most to lose...and there is a side benefit of slowing down the march to a pace that children can manage!
Please let me know if you are intending to join us.
Below is the original explanation of the brigade concept:
Join the Stroller/Scooter Brigade!
We encourage all parents to join an adhoc stroller affinity group in any peace march. A brigade of strollers--parents and little kids--for peace.
We bring our children to "political" events because no one is too young to be exposed to the experience of a community striving for human rights. We want to give our children the experience of seeing their parents stand up against the harassment of Arabs and Muslims.
We also want to show the media and the public that we are struggling for the children's sake, to make a world that is safe for them and all the world's children.
Finally, we seek the support of other parents in the often difficult process of bringing up children in this bellicose, divided society. We will build our community of parents and encourage each other to continue to act.

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