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Busy, Busy ...

Hello, It has been a while. I am still having (major) problems in getting LJ to load pages on my regular computer.

So ... I am here at dryadgrl home posting to LJ. Thank you.

I have been very busy otherwise. Email problems have eaten up a lot of time however I have been having loads of fun with dryadgrl and kaseja.

Lets see ... [going over the calendar] Starting August 1, 03 I was volunteering at Reggae on the River which was fun. I got to dance with some friends and had a great time. Then I was at a thing at dryadgrl's home. Went to a large party in San Francisco Aug. 9th. Then came the event "Hands Around the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory" which was great. A great party with others here of LJ land on Wednesday Aug. 13th, 03. Did a medic training on Aug. 17, 03 that was very well attended.

I was then volunteering with a nonprofit at Lollapalooza and that was fun. Loud but fun.

Then a repeat of the fun party with other LJers Aug. 20th, 03.

Saw on Thursday Aug. 21st the group Blackfire play at La Pena and that was great followed by a party on Friday where dryadgrl seemed to have lots of fun. Saw the San Francisco Mime Troupe play at People's Park after an East Bay Food Not Bombs gathering. Then I boarded a Greyhound bus and went to Portland OR to see my friend Red Emma perform in her concert and saw some cob building structures in Portland. I had the pleasure to meet gallows_brother, then went to Eugene to be with my friend kaseja and be with her on her drive back from Oregon to Berkeley.

On Sunday I saw the movie "Whale Rider" with kaseja which was fantastic.

I did some ebfnb cooking earlier today with kaseja bringing me here to this moment in time.

It has been a busy month.


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Sep. 3rd, 2003 06:33 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, sweetie!
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