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An update ...

I arrived in Berkeley this morning after visiting Oregon for the past five weeks. I have not been outside of the California Bay Area for a longer time period before. kaseja with the wildertribe.org had relocated to Oregon and the plan now calls for me to move up soon to the Eugene area also. I had a fairly great time seeing my Beloved in k's beloved Pacific Northwest but experienced distress at k's stress of where and how to live in Oregon. While i was there visiting k the plans for where we would be living became more solidified which was good overall though there are lots of portions of the plan still to be worked out. We visited the intentional community, visited k's friends, and went camping. Then visited more of k's friends and family. So overall it was a great trip with some emotionally rough spots. Kinda what was expected.

Meanwhile back in Berkeley D had more eye area surgery last week after the removal of her long burned eye parts in mid-April. She has been and still is busy spinning and weaving. Her fiber arts website moralfiber.org is taking more shape as well. I visited J at his new middle school today then finally saw R at D's apartment and met R's new tutor. I helped with some homework. R and i are having fun playing Halo where R is getting really quite adapt.

This week is busy for me as my plans for moving advance and take more form. I have to figure out what to take and what to leave for D and E to take care of when they recolonize my old apartment.

My email service is not so great in Oregon yet. I just found out that this weekend i am to be at my board meeting for the NevadaDesertExperience.org.

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