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So ... this morning i have been reading about sleep-disorders. i have been contemplating catching up sorta on email though feeling low energy right now.

i am kinda disappointed that my kids choose to go to an all afternoon party ending at 9p when i am boarding a train at 10p tonight. i am then experiencing some judgment against myself for having "disappointment" or unhappiness about their decision.

there are still some loose threads but most everything i wanted to get accomplished on this trip got addressed. i had a great dinner with robin and Eileen at "Mother Nature's Vegetarian" Restaurant, showed up and was present for my important appointment on the 24th, picked up some supplies at Costco with E, got back test results deposited from Feb 11th (even though the appointment itself was canceled), trolled around Kaiser Medical Records office for test results of the Sleep Study i had taken in the '90s (they will get back to me in about two weeks), used E's SanDisk ImageMate® 8-in-1 Reader/Writer to fix the Secure File PDA Backup card so i can us my PDA again, ordered CEUs, spent time with my kids yesterday as they played Halo, MechAssault, and SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom on the Xbox all around having four sleep attacks lasting over an hour apiece over four days. i am glad i kept busy, had fun with friends, saddened by the upset feelings in my belly and bladder, uncertain about the reoccurrence of sleep attacks.

What i am feeling happy about is that on Sunday i get to close up the chicken coop, pickup my beloved partner up from her work at 9p and provide her dinner.

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