December 16th, 2012

Welcome to my journal

I enjoyed being on a multimonth bicycle trip that began from my doorstep in Sacramento, California and ended up ending east of Glacier National Park in Montana. Now that I am back in Sacramento from the bicycle trip, I have use of a computer to type up my feelings and observations that I had over the summer. This is also an opportunity to work on my creative writing and language skills. I invite you to give feedback and comments. 

The bicycle trip travel log begins on October 16, 2010 in the segment titled: "Where do I go from here ?" and if you click "Next Entry" (above the entry title) goes from there to the latest segment which is posted at the top of this main page, this introduction being forward dated to explain the mechanics of this online journal. Or you can read from the latest entry typed up to the beginning of the trip. Which ever suits you. Thank you for reading about my trip.