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The kids and I had a very good new years day. It started out rough though. I first got up late and that was a bummer because both kids have school today (Jan. 2, 2001), I had to wash some clothes before we could leave, and both kids wanted to go to San Francisco via the BART subway system. We finally left home at around 4pm and got to Market Street in the heart of the business district by 5pm.

Talk about a ghost city. This usually bustling city had but a handful of people waiting around for public transportation. It was so quiet.

We walked for a couple of blocks down this main thoroughfare but with most of the shops closed, we then decided to get some food.

We had a good meal at Planet Hollywood after visiting the Virgin Record store. Both places had like minimal staff and few shoppers/diners. The kids and I liked seeing the movie props and they could look at a lot of stuff since the place was not busy or crowded. We got home at around 8pm, just in time for them to go to bed.

On new years eve I had planned on going to another rave with DanceSafe but it turned out the rave was to be held in Chico v. San Francisco (150 minutes v. 20 min.). Additionally the other volunteers including the person providing the ride had other issues or events to attend.

At the record store I found a book on "bishonen" or "bishoujo". I have looked up briefly the definitions of both words but then thought that I might get a better understanding of what this means in the anime sense by asking my friends here.

My friends, what is bishonen and bishoujo style?

I hope your celebrations went well. Happy New Year.


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Jan. 2nd, 2001 11:55 am (UTC)
weeeeell... bishounen means pretty boy, and bishoujo means pretty girl. i'm not sure what you mean by "style", but i know that manga is organized by wether it's shoujo (for girls) or shounen (for guys).
Jan. 6th, 2001 01:59 pm (UTC)
I knew this was the right place to ask this question of the experts. Thank you my friend.
Jan. 2nd, 2001 04:25 pm (UTC)
greetings, richard.. happy new year to you and your family.

i just noticed that you are a member of the burningman community. i also looked at your interests and see you are a keith haring fan. you have never mentioned these mutual interests, please share.

happy day to you.. the sun is wonderful and warm
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