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On Tuesday there was a good meeting at DanceSafe. I got to see some of my new friends so that is always good.

Today I took my elder son to get an immunization. The school district has, this week, sent him home twice for the lack of the proper documents. Mind you, over the years, we have sent five copies to the school district office because they keep losing their copy. First we went to Oakland to get the copy, but due to a communication difficulty, we then had to go to another office, this time in the fine City of Richmond. Now it seems that despite his proper and timely receiving of immunizations, we need to get a repeat of his MMR in order to document his 'missing' injection. J is perserseverating on that he does not like injections. No little kid likes to get injections. J then begins to make verbal threats of violence and mass destruction if he has to get an injection.

"I'm going to destroy the needle. It is an outrage."

The moving of locations only exacerbated his feelings of distress and alarm. By the time we get to the clinic J is exceptionally and vocally disruptive. It could have been worse. The BART train ride calmed him a lot, if you recall his obsession with trains. After a short ride home, a time to rest, and several attempts to logon to LJ, I am getting my time to vent here.

Currently D is admonishing him about his subsequent self injury and hurting himself post inoculation. He scratched his upper arm and somewhat to a lesser extent his cheeks in his fury before I could stop him. This autism stuff sucks.

More later...

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