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Almost everything has a URL

i am reading this book: Passionate Marriage. i feel i am personally growing. i feel happy about growing and developing.

i found this digital camera at an Amtrak Station: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1. i am happy (in an acquiring things kinda way) though kinda feel sad for the individual who lost it. remember: use a Sharpie (or something) and put a phone number on your camera if you want it to be able to be returned.

i received this new cellular phone today: Sony Ericsson Z500 (working well so far ...) to replace the Samsung x427m (had poor reception) to replace the Sony Ericsson T637 (borrowed from E) to replace the Nokia 3395 (unable to take a 64K smartchip).

i emailed two business friends who are in Oregon: http://www.rivervision.com and http://www.StopPhysics.com to get electronic proofs for the Heart of Now brochures they have been working on so that i may bring some to the August Desert Witness event begining Thursday. i am excited. i am glad to be able to repair the mistake as i had forgotten to pick up copies of the brochure before i left on the train Sunday.

i received a copy paper donation for Lost Valley Educational Center from Living Tree Paper. i feel thankful for the gleenings.

i saw two movies this week: i saw The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill with k, kids, and robin in Oregon last Thursday then today, Monday, after arriving in Berkeley, i just saw The Fantastic Four with J & R. i feel tired.


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Aug. 30th, 2005 01:03 am (UTC)
superuser q?
how do you make words into links.that seems like something i'd have a ton of fun with....
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