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so ... i have had good experiences meeting LiveJournalers IRL. i would like to meet specifically karina cydniey, and swami_ami.
i have hot tubbed with aberrantvirtue,
pmailed gifts to agent_orange,
i hot tubbed with bdot who also came to a birthday party of connor,
i really like bigsockgrrl,
i met and enjoyed the energy of britgeekgrrl,
i liked meeting camryl who was a support and friend to dryadgrl,
i liked meeting cottoneyedjoe and lalenalefay in San Francisco,
i would like to meet cydniey who lives in Las Vegas,
i love daniela and her energy, (great trip pics)
i had good email and web contact with daturafae,
i kinda remember dawgbuddha aka subversiveseed,
i liked meeting and interacting with deyo at the home of karenbynight and princeofwands,
i met dragon_spirit hot tubbing,
i love dryadgrl and connor,
i remember meeting elena1129 in Berkeley at a Starbucks when i met weedlover,
i want to meet fabusplody aka cydniey,
i like cooking with and the company of fna,
i have liked the LJ comments made by freakyme,
i liked having tea with gallows_brother in Portland, OR,
i like hateme and have liked our correspondence and support,
i enjoy my friendship with hellothere,
i went to observe the bellydancing in the company of hokulani, weedlover,and dawgbuddha,
hot tubbed with hopeforyou,
i barely met but have emailed iceblink,
i like idearevisited who i still like but has not contacted me since i reclaimed a knotting machine from her,
i helped organize protests and demonstrations with interbe in the Bay Area,
i have hot tubbed at the home of and partied with karenbynight and princeofwands,
i want to meet karina,
i love kaseja,
i had a dinner with konundrum in Berkeley but i never followed through with her invitation to go to Burning Man,
i loved meeting lalenalefay in San Francisco at Cohen House where daniela worked,
i liked meeting but bearly got to know mactavish at a party at the home of princeofwands and karenbynight,
i met magsterama at Lost Valley and have very much enjoyed her company and conversations, looking forward to more,
i love mahtinata who knows me from Berkeley, assisted at D's wedding and has been a great friend and ally to me,
i became aquainted with pantryslut who was a friend of dryadgrl,
i met and partied with needleboy who pierced dryadgrl,
i emailed and just missed meeting nux_vomica regarding East Bay Food Not Bombs,
i partied with osby at DanceSafe / SFLNC events,
commiserated with justfortoday via email,
i have hot tubbed at the home of and partied with princeofwands and karenbynight,
i stayed in Los Angeles at the home of prizmdonna for a Food Not Bombs gathering in Southern California that i went to with dryadgrl,
i sought out and met prosewitch in a Berkeley Starbucks then have gone to the Vivarium with her and observed her bellydancing as we (hokulani, weedlover,and dawgbuddha) watched,
i have enjoyed the emailed interactions with pyropixie,
i helped organized protests with reparationsdue in the Bay Area,
i pmailed correspondence to screamingdaisy,
i met subversiveseed aka dawgbuddha friend of weedlover,
i would like to meet swami_ami who i just "friended",
i would love to meet swerve and have appreciated her photos, ideas, our many emails, and her support,
i had a lunch with tafkar in San Francisco near the Red Vic,
i meet thespian (i think),
i liked weedlover and would like to see her again,
i have had good emails and enjoyed / appreciated the art of xxdhxx.

i also love River

it occurs to me that i have been hot tubbing only a few times.
pardon to any who i have overlooked.
in writing this entry i found it interesting that the more times i have met and interacted with a LJer, the less i wrote in synopsis.

i feel tired and my back is aching.


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Aug. 30th, 2005 12:55 am (UTC)
you are a funny bug, and i like it. strange and not so? we are all learning who we are and why we are here, there. I am everywhere, and want to know why/how you stumbled into my lair sometime...
Aug. 30th, 2005 08:26 pm (UTC)
Re: replyflyby
i stumbled onto your livejournal when you friended me. i became more interested in your LJ when i read some of your entries, found you were in the_community (which i really havent kept up with since i started that LJ community), when i found out you were located in Oakland, and mostly found your Arete entry.
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