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Things have been busy busy. On the 13th was the Bay Area DanceSafe "Free Rally & Day Party". Originally to be held on the UC Berkeley campus, very late Friday evening the venue revoked its permission sending us looking for a new location to accommodate loud music and around 300 to 500 dancing people for Saturday afternoon.

I went to work with a hopeless heart. This was my last night to be on the post surgical unit where I have been for over two years. My training program for the Emergency Department started Monday. I have finally become nervous about this monumental positive and long awaited change.

Saturday morning, having lost all hope for finding a new location at such a late hour, I paged the "Volunteer coordinator" to find out were we were going to assemble the party decorations. Fortunately a new location had been found (rented). When I arrived there directly from work I was the first to appear. Set up took place quickly but with a number of anxiety filled moments.

The rave/party was fantastic. It was fun, exciting, visually appealing, and lovely. I got to see my new friends at DanceSafe dance, get excited, and have fun. I let the sounds and experiences wash over me while feeling proud of my contributions in producing this event.

More latter...

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