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ya hoo ....

im online wireless using my older model Power Macintosh 7500/100 in Oregon.

i submitted a proposal to be at LV Visioning with the help of Keli, my neighbor. i want to see and be seen in community. i want to feel connected to the community and be informed of how to best serve the community.

i made / posted a First Aid committee report:

"hello lost valleyians

"First Aid" committee report
we have an expired Epipen used to treat allergic reactions. i got a new one. it costs 62.50 to get a new one. we got an Epipen to use should one of the land residents or conference goers get stung by a bee or have another life threatening type reaction.

the prescription i got is refillable but to supply the medication it costs 62.50 per use. this is less expensive than the detrimental effects of an anaphylactic reaction http://www.epipen.com/causes_main.aspx . i think it would be good and best for the community if i were not the only one who knows how to use it properly. i would feel safer. i think the community would save money if the Epipen were used correctly and effectively.

would you be willing to learn how to use the Epipen safely and effectively ?

if you will accept my invitation you can ask myself how to use it, read the Epipen package insert, or see the information here: http://www.epipen.com/howtouse.aspx

yesterday i hung out with rivervision as she did some errands (getting GRE books, dropping off a sweater, seeing her office). i had fun throwing darts with her and listening to her. i was gifted with her older iBook (but i cant get the screen to work).


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Sep. 18th, 2005 03:18 am (UTC)
hey -- i've got one of those sitting around. make sure to get it from me tommorrow.

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