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i am contemplating going to the Spiral Dance being held Saturday. i think it will be fun to see some friends from the Bay Area while i am here in Berkeley.

i have been discovering what is on my new-to-me iBook G4. i had time while i was on the train going south to Emeryville. i began by backing up the info from my Zire71 PDA on to my PDABACKUP card then used the GE Card Reader to USB 2.0 it onto the G4. i also read quite a bit.

now i am loading a few CDs into the iTunes, discovering and saving material to read via Safari's Web archive.webarchive feature (to Archive a Web Page) to read during the no Wi-Fi AirPort time during the Amtrak ride back north to Oregon, and have loaded and am (test) ^_^ playing Halo for the Mac. (just gotta make sure it works).

i have been reading up on past postings to the Lost Valley list serv catching up on meeting notes and announcements. i have the idea and it is my experience that when i am informed of what the community is doing and discussing i feel more connected to my community.

i am also sending promised emails out that i was composing on the Amtrak ride to Berkeley. i in the past have relied on web based email eschewing "Mail" programs like Eudora and Thunderbird preferring to have wide accessibility to my email from many different computers. i now have the idea that this strategy may have also hindered my email flexibility in that i used to compose only while online and tied to the desktop computer. i am currently enjoying the flexibility of my laptop. i wonder if i am becoming now tied to my laptop instead of choosing to socialize with peoples in Berkeley ? i realized a hour ago at 2:30am i did not eat much yesterday, not socializing with anybody yesterday in Berkeley except Alex and then my mom. it is true i am also attempting to spend less on restaurant visits where i usually have socialized. anyhows Friday will be fairly busy.

i am feeling happy that Alex and her daughter are moving to Lost Valley. i am intending on loaning her my Power Mac 7500/100 to help her maintain an income. it is also our intent to travel together leaving for Oregon on Tuesday either by train or car.

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