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i had a very nice day today. k had arranged a day off today so we slept in till 9a when i went out to let out the chickens. i found their water feeder frozen so i went (in my white fuzzy robe) to the Main Kitchen, said "hi" to folks there, got some warm water and placed the pail in the coop then returned to bed. k and i later went up to the solplex, where she went to her room while i made some breakfast of eggs and toast for her. she did an Animal Medicine Card reading for me. i liked that. we worked on some computer stuff then she and i sorted through some of my accumulated papers. i felt that last task to be somewhat stress producing. we then went on a long 2hr walk off the Lost Valley property where she and i talked of Tantric exercises, relationships, her mother, old age, etc. after the walk we went to her Unit, had some dinner that the others were eating then she went to take a bath (for her sore legs) while i had some slippery elm/licorice tea (for my sore throat). k is now working on her G3 (listening to CD of "Birding By Ear") while i am typing on my G4.

btw: Apple.com repaired the broken G3 for free. the story is kinda long but has a great outcome.

i had fun playing RuneScape yesterday with R for his online birthday party. i felt somewhat frustrated trying to keep up with his changing evolving schedule on when and where online to be to meet him in a virtual reality. in the end i had fun that well compensated for my prior frustration in online subscribing, finding his character, and my computer ocasionally freezing subject to the whims of Javascript.

now i am going to play some mah jong at K's home with k and others.


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Dec. 19th, 2005 10:24 pm (UTC)
yeah! i'm glad to hear that my old laptop is being put to good use. i wonder if i can get tax credit for it? being donated to lost valley / hon / kaseja and all? :)
Dec. 22nd, 2005 01:14 am (UTC)
i appreciate the gift of your computer and also appreciate that Apple.com was able to make it work though i had to jump through a number of hoops to get it functioning despite the advice i had received from two service shops advising to junk the G3 for parts as it "would be too expensive to repair it" relative the actual value of the computer. i have the idea i have a lot of tenacity.

i see you have had an LJ since 2003.

do you have income enough to file for tax credit ?

love ya,
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