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things happening in my life recently

yesterday i was leaving Eugene via Amtrak for my monthly trip to the Bay Area. the Amtrak 11 train was so late yesterday i had enough time to see the movie "Christmas in the Clouds" at the Bijou in Eugene before i left. i really enjoyed that film. k and i went with our friend r to celebrate her birthday that is actually today (1/5). r moved from Berkeley to be here closer with the Wilder Grp and has been living with us at Lost Valley. yesterday we were helping her continue looking for a place to settle into in Eugene by driving through some neighborhoods as her looking through the newspapers has not been as productive as she would like, yet.

during my last trip in November the northbound Amtrak 14 was 10hrs late turning my 15hr ride into a 25hr trip. this time the southbound Amtrak 11 was running through rain flooded areas and is only 4hrs late. i have the idea it is too bad that the train gets noticed when it is late but that if a train is on time it is expected. the Amtrak rails travels closely on the East Shore of the San Francisco Bay. the bay water in the San Francisco Bay seems really light brown opaque muddy as i traveled past it today at 1pm.

R previously helped me generate a character on RuneScape but that character got killed off by k's 1?yr old niece Eli as she was visiting over new years day.

Eli has introduced into my life two new online games: DragonFable and Adventure Quest

i have been looking for webpages for getting clarity on some rules to Canasta and Mah Jongg to read while i am offline (internet wise) while i am riding on the Amtrak. i have also been looking up and loading up on alot of stuff to read from Wikipedia via the .webarchive extension format

i spent a portion of yesterday composing then sending out emails. i feel that i am improving on feeling like i am expressing myself in writing but i feel that i take a 'long' time to write (and send) emails.

i am looking forward to possibly meeting IRL karina this weekend. i am also looking forward to meeting up with Chels (from NDE), M (if she is back from Chicago), as well as a lot of other friends.

k did a couples couseling session and received in trade some rhea meat. i felt the rhea meat to be a little tough but then again i have little experience in preparing rhea meat (or meat in general).

i have been playing RuneScape with R online and Unreal Tournament 436 and Halo on my G4. especially while i was on the train.

still busy setting up k's G3 with Eudora 6.2.3. we settled on her having wireless access via a NetGear WGE111 like the one A is using on my older Macintosh 7500. an Airport card for a G3 was going to be so expensive and slow. we got a second external router so it could travel with her. i had some feelings of frustrations with occasional feelings of elation in setting up the technical aspects of her wireless network and email freeing her from the older (now essentially stationary) IBM ThinkPad PC laptop she has been cooperating.

i am glad that A has moved to Lost Valley. i have desires that she stay. in a Monday night meeting of parents of the Wilder Grp kids i included A's daughter M (aka J aka D aka L (she has a lotta names for a little kid)) in the grouping especially as A was elseware watching / childcaring K and R so we Wilder Grp parental persons could meet.

on Dec. 25th A, her daughter M and i went to the Eugene FNB serving at the Deer Mural in Jefferson Park. that was fun and i realized that indeed A has a thing for red velvet clothes. then again i had on blue jeans and coincidentally a blue coat. on Jan. 1st i hung out with B in the morning then went to the Eugene FNB cookhouse and helped cook, serve, and assisted with cleanup afterwards while socializing.

i am looking forward to visiting with K in Arizona in February. the plan is to visit her school ASIS, receive a massage, then go camping with her (and probably kiss though i am not attached).

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