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more stuff of my life

i am having to take care of some business items today. i am planning on getting a replacement bodum spare glass, mailing a DiscoverCard bill, trying to find Chels on FaceBook.com (per her permission), maybe see M, Charles, or karina. i talked with k for a short bit before she is to leave for her teacher / facilitator retreat. i love her so much. i heard that A is planning on applying for LV membership. ^__^

yesterday i had fun having lunch with Chels. i liked talking with her yesterday. i liked the questions she asked of me and i liked hearing how she felt about events in her life and the questions she asked of herself. we talked about relationships of hers, mine with my kids, her and my ideas of relationships. we then went on an errand of hers to get some Chinese herbs. i liked her question of whether the herbs she was receiving were organic, how were they grown, the differences between the prepared powdered KPC herbs v. dried whole herbs that would need to be prepared and cooked down.

yesterday J and i were playing Brother In Arms Earned In Blood briefly on the XBoX. i seem to like putting in links in my LJ posts.

i noticed J is rereading "Essential Militaria" again and i am reskiming "Latin for the Illiterati".

later i showed a friend who i met at Lost Valley around Berkeley. we had a salad dinner at The Intermezzo then talked and walked till about 10p. she seems very interested in herbology.

Friday i helped my mom with getting a lamp repaired (for 5hrs) and got a Earbud Headset for my cellular phone.

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