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i have not been sleeping much recently.

i have been reading up on a lot of articles from wikipedia.

i have been getting Al Stewart and Rebecca Riots lyrics.

and i just got positive feedback about troubling dreams i have been having for the last six + months.

it is occurring to me that i am typing / writing a lot. during last evening and night i sent emails to Chels, Laurel (about my dreams), responded to an email from danielledrumke.com , and filled out a survey here about my primary relationships. i am noticing i have recently posted thrice to LJ and also wrote about my feedback and perceptions for a Wisdom Circle that i could not attend because i am in Berkeley. i am liking writing a lot. i also liked the feeling i had in receiving email responses from Chels (about facebook.com) and Laurel (about the dreams) already this morning. i received an email from K about my trip in February to see her and the plans of where and what we could be doing in Arizona.

i realize i have also made a lot of phonecalls / left messages to make plans to connect with people here in the Bay Area. i feel like i am running out of available timeslots to see friends before leaving Wednesday night, yet last night after dinner with J and R i was happy only typing in my bedroom.

my exbrother-in-law seemed to find humor in my bringing Chels then Jenn to briefly show them my apartment on Saturday. i have the idea and experience that since i did not invite people to my apartment for many years between 1997 and 2003 that i get a thrill from just having the experience of showing my living space to friends. probably there is an aspect that since i also did not have friends to my home while growing up from grade school through high school that i have more energy about my new found experience.

yeah ... i am liking writing more than i have in the past.

ps i like reading the LJ of daniela. i like her word usage and prose. i like the way she is able to convey her experiences. i appreciate her humor.

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