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more stuff in my life

today i am planning on seeing C at the bakery, have some time with dryadgrl, and board an Amtrak train.

yesterday i slept in till 10am, got picked by Jenn then we both went and helped cook at Food Not Bombs in Oakland. i felt excited sharing my experiences of FNB with J. i also yesterday at the cooksite expanded my circle of NDE contacts by remeeting some folks from Pace e Bene who i had sorta met at the August Desert Witness last year.

afterward i collected some Handspring PDA parts for M then i went and met R at his school. we went and picked a few eucalyptus leaves (for their medicinal value) for me to take back to Oregon. i think he had fun and i felt i had fun. i later helped R with some homework then "added" his IRL friends onto my character on RuneScape.

last night i went to Eileen's Birthday party.

i received an email that K might have obtained for me a bike for my use while we are biking in Arizona. yay

Monday night i saw my friend Katharine's showing of a DVD of Indigenous Action Media's The Snowbowl Effect. i then got from C a couple of copies of the FNB Ops manual to take back up to Eugene FNB.

on Saturday i got a BonJour 8 cup replacement glass carafe for k and i's bodum french press.

i talked with B last night and i think B is going to use NetFlix to rent Kiki's Delivery Service for us to see soon. after checking out NetFlix may be i might get a netflix account. they have a favorite of mine: Heimat.

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