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i am feeling frustrated. i came from Oregon to Berkeley to see my kids, help D with her recovery from eyelid / hard palete graft / mouth surgery, and see friends. so far i have picked R up once from school, seen friends, had lunch today with my mom, and stayed away from the apartment with the kids and recovering D per their request. i hear that the kids need time with their tutors and stuff and that D is feeling crabby, grumpy, and in pain. i however am just using my G4 and the internet in my old apartment to lookup stuff in Wikipedia, play with Google Earth, register at Google Earth Community, and read Google Earth Help.

certainly life for me could be worse. however i was hoping to see a movie with the kids, maybe have more interaction with friends at the beginning of my visit here and not feel as isolated as i am feeling now. tomorrow i am having lunch with Chels, dinner with my sister, then friday having dinner with my mom, receiving a "good coat" to take back to Oregon from her and then get a ride to the train

the plane ride was fun, exciting, different than my previous traveling. i had fun traveling with Naomi, and with Alex and her child Marina from Portland, OR to Oakland, CA . last friday i was promising myself that i would never again plan on planning to travel with A again because of delays and changes of plans that we have experienced from this trip and previously planned trips. i am not feeling that way right now. the ride from Eugene to Portland was long. the flight to Oakland was fast, short, cloudy, and exhilarating (maybe i am still a speed freak i.e. my bike ride in Arizona, my feeling of exhilaration in seeing the plane take off, fly, and land, my occasional driving in the past and present, my joy in seeing helicopters and jets fly).

i am feeling better having written this post and having received a phone call from Marc.

well ... i gotta jet now,


p.s. i seem to put in more links in my posts when i have time

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