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sometimes i wish my head and mind would take a little vacation.

i feel like i am working hard (whether i want to or not) on my feelings of "being left out", of feeling "left out" even when others can identify people who i can be present with. i does not seem real or even an option that others want to talk to me where i live except when i am with my partner. i dont feel that people here reach out to me, or trust that people do or will pursue me, even when i am inviting of other to talk with me.

i am having feelings and seeing "evidence" of being "left out" in almost everything.

i think it puts a lot of pressure on my primary / romantic partner relationship.

i recognize that Nick, Shawna and brooke spends time with me in Eugene, that Chels spends time with me in Berkeley. i think i am having just a "feeling" of being left out, not that that is a reality in the present moment. it still is not fun for me now.

i have the idea that i am feeling now safe and included enough to more feel the feelings of unsafety and "not included" of before.


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Apr. 3rd, 2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
I looked up "rkmlai" as a joke because I was about to play runescape. I can't believe this! It makes me so happy to know how mariner and kitearoo are. Thanks for posting this, ill be checking in from now on (something to do other then obtain attack level 34...hehe)
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