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things going on in my busy rural life

i had a great birthday at Cougar Hot Springs. in getting practice in asking for what i want i posted to the listserv of where i live at of my intent and of my invitation for others to join me. i received a number of RSVPs. on the day of my birthday outing we left at about 10a, carpooled, and arrived at about noon. if there had been more people there, there would not have been enough room for everyone to be in the pools. i enjoyed the close proximity of my friends (k sitting on my lap for a good portion of the time).

last Friday k, the kids (M and K, not J or R), and i participated in Critical Mass in Eugene because it had been receiving some bad (scroll down till "Critical Mess") press in the Eugene Weekly. Critical Mass wasnt. as we showed up there was a heavy Eugene police presence and then as the ride began with 10 participants (two being kids in child bike seats) eight officers (four on bikes and four on motorcycles) followed us and the group for 30min. i felt amused by the police presence but k was outraged. she felt it was nothing like the Berkeley Critical Mass that we have been in before. she sent a letter today to the EW and the Eugene Police Dept. meanwhile as i have asked friends for brainstorming help in how i can raise awareness and increase ridership participant numbers for future rides.

Saturday i participated in a Shamanic Workshop presented by Devlyn Light at Lost Valley. the workshop was a fun experience but it was also eye opening and validating for me as i basically had reinforcement of what i had already known and had been doing. i was revisited by my totem trilobite.

got the kids some magnet toys of MagneStix and "Sonic Sound" Sizzlers™ Noise-Magnets by Ja-Ru.

K just found a wounded mole and we are now feeding it to siren, if she will eat it.

i am going to be in a radio conversation with Alan Stahler on KVMR tonight talking about the upcoming NDE Peacewalk.

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