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i have had a very busy past week.

i was picked up by friends driving through from the Bay Area who stayed overnight Monday night at my home then we departed and rode most of Tuesday arriving at the host community of the Tacoma Catholic Worker. we then attended the Pacific Life Community 'resurrection' from Tuesday night Dinner to Wednesday night.

i felt like i added spiritual and cultural diversity to the meeting in addition to the role of presenting their first action proposal from NDE to assist in organizationally setting up their first Plenary Conference. i also volunteered to type up the group contact list and volunteered to set up our emailing list (a new skill for me that i hadnt done before).

Thursday morning i took a plane to Oakland. i noted that i have flown (in commercial aircraft) twice since February whereas i hadnt flown in the previous twenty years. i hadnt flown because 1) of not needing to go anywhere by plane and 2) reported fuel dumping / wastage from planes and detrimental ecologic effects. since flying recently i have found I REALLY ENJOY THE FEELING (in my body) OF FLYING.

after landing i was picked up by C then we went to the San Damiano Retreat Center for the NDE Board meeting from Thursday to Friday late afternoon. i volunteered to set up our new emailing list and accepted a new term of office. i also started something new of writing postal (paper) letters to both M and to Autumn.

i enjoyed my interactions with C, sleeping in her co-op room Thursday night. i like the feeling i receive in seeing other people's personal spaces as well as inviting people to see mine. i like talking to her and love her a lot.

after i got to D's place i picked up R and J and then went out and had a great dinner with St.

now i am typing at 5am, questions in my mind.

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