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too much too fast

so i have been busy with a complicated (to me) life. i have set up a public listserv for announcements from the Pacific Life Community for the Pacific Life Community, set up a specific list serv for Nevada Desert Experience, assisted in the delay in this test at the NTS, become the webmaintainer for the above PLC website, experienced a workshop specifically on Passion, been helping pagan_rhetoric with Service and Sacred Space projects (and playing StarCraft with him), went to the wedding of my friends Gra and Jai in Portland, Oregon, helped the EPCP Program with outreach, took a train to the Bay Area then flew from Berkeley with D, E, J, R, and J's Bar Mitzvah tutor to Bethesda, MD for J's Bar Mitzvah, staying with the group in the house of E's parents, and am now flying to the Eugene area.

i am over the past three weeks been exploring "platonic sleepover dates" with C, L, K & M, H. i have felt good about helping my friend Hannah clean her house before she moves (back) to Santa Cruz. i very very much enjoyed going out with H and K & M when we went dancing which i felt really good about. another evening H encouraged me into seeing a Public Dharma Teaching by Khenpo Choga Rinpoche at the Dzogchen Dharma Center. i really like that experience. i liked helping friend Rob as he did some gardening, i am doing some editing of articles on Wikipedia. i had fun exploring StarCraft's options with R. tonight i surprisingly had a great walk with Sue then dinner with Karla and brooke then went to a Western Shoshone Defense Project talk.

i feel that i dont have a choice but to love k. i feel i am growing and still remain secure in myself.

i am looking forward to spending time with K & M going to Ashland as she explores this Midwifery school as i also visit Chels and probably Jenn at White Oak Farm. C and her family are perennial participants in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

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