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some current stuff

well i was feeling sad that my iBook G4 crashed and then sorta died. i had been having hard disk problems and so bought an external drive online, had a few phone calls with AppleCare (Toronto call center) then the internal hard disk finally crashed then found that i had received my new iogear External Drive via UPS. i felt that was sad and frustrating. the G4 had been my backup system.

i have been having fun hanging out with S.

together we saw the movie Marie Antoinette and about a week later saw Babel. i felt both were good, though Babel was distinctly better.

i have been book reading more and that i feel is good. i have been reading "Gaia's Garden, A Guide to home-Scale Permaculture" (in preparation for taking the Winter Permaculture course) and "Devil in the Details" by Jennifer Traig (it is sorta similar to the really good humorous book "Just Checking: Scenes from the Life of an Obsessive-Compulsive by Emily Colas). S and i have also been reading novels to each other together. it is so cute.

S had planned on having Thanksgiving day dinner with her family in Arcata, but instead her family then changed locations having dinner in San Francisco where an other sister lives. so S and i traveled south and that was nice as S got to meet R and J in Berkeley, CA. that was great for me as D was wanting the annual brunch at the Claremont Resort. then R, J and i went into San Francisco in the afternoon and had dinner with S's family. two thanksgivings in one day. fun.

apparently i may be related to this article's author by marriage: "'Gum Moon': The First Fifty Years of Methodist Women's Work in San Francisco Chinatown, 1870-1920."

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