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so the movie is not starting yet.

i have been looking for a internet pic of a trailer similar to the Shasta Loflyte trailer i am living in at Lost Valley. havent found one yet.

for my permaculture design project i utilized an actual project i have been working on: "i am planning on building a living roof over the Shasta Loflyte trailer. the living roof will have compost, pumice, tree bark as the growing medium." now the plan is much fuller with a larger green roof area, a painted mural utilizing dark paint for a heat absorbing southern wall (maybe a dark forest green scene or a variant of "The Starry Night"), insulated thermal curtains, electricity and wireless internet, bike parking space, outdoor storage space, fruit production, planned permaculture guilds, hammock space, roof water overflow catchment, outdoor seating and table space under the existing Douglas Fir trees, planted cedar trees, planted and movable bamboo screenage along the driveway, and a possible future location for a composting toilet, possible future thermal supportive walls under the roof still allowing for trailer removal if necessary.

i have already started a supportive pallet, got bins for the storage space, and brought electricity to the trailer.

one of the problems of the WPDC or actually any Permaculture Design Course is the production of a lot of "plans" but not necessarily the production of the project. i think that factor contributes to a lot of dreams that are not fulfilled lending to a sense of non accomplishment. i think that if Lost Valley had more "accomplished projects" permaculturewise then there might be more of us living as example rather than living as dreams and plans. that having been said i submitted my application to be a member of Lost Valley after being a renter there for the past 2.5 years. S is tentatively planning on staying at Lost Valley also as a member.

my G4 remains unstable and sorta broke. i am sending it to Applecare sometime this week.

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