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the wind is blowing hard outside last night and this morning. yesterday i took R out for a little walk, obtained a PIN for my bankcard, went to visit a few stores he wanted to visit, and stopped by "Earth Song", a deep-red painted 45' high steel sculpture resembling a tuning fork.

i had a very happy Chanauka this year lighting candles with my sweetie and others in Oregon. on some nights S and i curled up and watched a DVD, or read a book together, listened to S play music, massaged each other. one day we went on a bike ride into town to get a dinner of amerimexican food, another night we went to a Pemaculture gathering potluck in Eugene, on a couple of nights we stayed in a friend's yurt by their little wood burning stove, on a couple of nights we were being supportive to the Heart of Now as part of the Refreshment team. after the weekend workshop we cooked latkas one day for lunch.

i have been working on my tribe.net page. i feel like i have been trying to LiveJournalfy it.

i notice that i am on the computer a lot more when i am visiting in Berkeley one week per month. kids being busy with their tutor schedules, video games are hard to compete with.

i also notice that i am still desirous of being more fluid, emotional in my writing. it would be my preference to be more revealing of what i am feeling and being able to express those feelings in words. that is how i perceive others writing at least. but then i also recall that last year i was just wanting to be able to write and be able to read a book.

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