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i like listening to S practice her Alto Recorder as she is doing right now.

after i got back into Eugene on Saturday, Dec. 30th, 2006, S and i saw the movie "The Queen". i liked that movie.

regarding movies and images in the mind, i have been having dreams recently related i think to a movie i saw: "The Manchurian Candidate. scary. could be i also am mixing elements of Dark Water and Underworld together.

when i was over at dryadgrl's home in the Bay Area i had fun playing Animal Crossing: Wild World with her as her son C wasn't home yet from Southern California.

i have been reading a couple of books: Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemeway and "Dead Until Dark" by Charlaine_Harris. i like that i am reading more books. i have missed that aspect of my life.

i have also enjoyed watching this series: Arrested_Development. S and i watched the first season on DVD, curled up together on a couch on some Chanauka evenings.

back to being in Eugene, i had fun at a New Year's Eve party at the McDonald Theater where a lot of LV folks got together. S and i got Amaretto Sours. that was a very sweet drink which i liked a lot.

i love kissing S !!!!!

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