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Im having fun

so i finally applied for membership at Lost Valley. S also applied .... and then we promptly left.

right now we are here in the northern area of the highlighted greenish map below (more specifically near the green google map arrow):

in Delaware.

so what i am i doing in Delaware ? you might ask. i am assisting S pack up her dad's stuff as detailed here including two heirloom shotguns.

we left Lost Valley in Oregon at noonish Saturday the 3rd and drove down to Arcata via the long way. as we found ourselves sorta distracted on the road south, we stopped and saw the nearby controversial Iron Gate Dam on the Klamath River, an area of interest as S has a degree in Water Policy.

after arriving in Arcata we purchased plane tickets, got details of what we needed regarding the shotguns, how to use the FFL (see S's blog and Gun Control Act of 1968), and went on a pleasure bike ride with her dad among other fun things.

leaving from Arcata we took the Amtrak to the San Francisco Bay Area then took a flight landing in Philadelphia.

after arriving here in the East Coast suburbs, we have had wireless connectivity problems with Verizon then a conversation about wirelessness and Verizon FiOS connectivity utilizing Cintrix GoToAssist. now i have internet connection. meanwhile i have been having fun with S visiting areas of her childhood. being in a suburban area, i got fitted for formal wear for my sister's wedding in March and bought a dutch oven gift from a bridal registry here.

S and i checked out this location end of the gun transfer, the Georgist community of Arden,
yesterday we went to Booths Corners then went to the musical Urinetown at the Wilmington Drama League.

new things i have seen while being here in the winter on the East Coast include: nasty looking salt residue on the roads and cars, hazardous looking hanging traffic lights rocking in the wind, pictures of Caesar Rodney, flat license plates on cars, frozen solid bodies of water (like ponds, puddles, streams) which was fun to walk on top of, neighborhood signs, upstanding grave markers, static, Regular gasoline at $2.11/gal v. $2.75/gal in California, water towers, Amish merchants among technology of electronic cash registers and knickknacks, and housing of an older style including a lot of brick dwellings.

on a somewhat totally different subject (except related to our traveling by car and flying here via a plane and how that contributes to global warming) i also found this:

i am up to When The Saints Go Marching In (pg 17), playing notes G, A, B, C, D on the recorder.

more later ...

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