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Feb. 17th, 2007

So, I am in Delaware, enjoying snuggling with my sweetie while experiencing being snowed in by the February Valentines Day blizzard. I now see why slushy snow is "gross" seeing it now mixed with road dirt, automobile exhaust, and piled on the sides of the road. I was driving through it yesterday, experiencing sliding (very, very slightly about 4inches at most) on icy roads in a car while applying the brakes. "go slow and dont loose momentum"

Yesterday S and i drove down I-95, seeing icy sheets blowing off the tops of trucks then falling onto the moving cars on the highway, visited Newark Natural Foods. I then gave S a bunch of flours (small bags of "pastry", "high gluten", "whole wheat"), then, once back in Wilmington, S and I made and baked challah out of her gift bouquet of flours.

Tonight we are going to a Asian New Years thing back in Newark (pronounced like "New Ark" like the arc of Delaware "The border between Delaware and Pennsylvania is the only geometrically circular state border in the United States, and one of the only such in the world.") v. Newark NJ (like "New York" squished together).

I am actively now trying to sell my BMW 318i that is back in Berkeley.

I have been also actively planning out the Sacred Peace Walk logistical route starting at Flamingo Rd., walking along the Las Vegas Strip, then north to St. Francis & Clare then along Hwy 95 ending at the April 1, 2007 - Rally & Action at the Nevada Test Site.

I built a buttressed curved snow fence today as shoveling the driveway.
fun in snow

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