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We arrived in Las Vegas last night. I loved sitting next to S during the airflight journey, she reading "Born to Kvetch" and I working through "Devil In The Details". It was a struggle to find/create adjacent seating on the United Airlines planes.

I am still enjoying learning how to pay the Soprano Recorder from the "You Can Teach Yourself Recorder"

Before leaving snowy Delaware we saw a number of Democracy Now shows including these specific news items: "Democracy Now! | Hundreds Protest NYU Republicans’ “Find the Illegal Immigrant” Game" and "Democracy Now! | "I Want To Be Free": 9-Year-Old Canadian Citizen Pleads From Texas Immigration Jail", saw awe inspiringly beautiful sunrises on "Discovery HD Theater: Sunrise Earth Greatest Hits - West" on the huge 57" HD TV and alternately in real life sunrises while driving S's mom to work (so we could borrow the car during the work day hours). I loved the flat eastern horizon and seeing the fiery ball edging up over the flat horizon v. the hilly cloudy horizon of the San Francisco Bay Area.

When we visited Philadelphia on Tuesday we visited South Street, the anarchist bookstore the Wooden Shoe Books, the Liberty Bell, the National Museum of American Jewish History, then we saw the movie "Letters From Iwo JIma". I had a great day walking all over the old town area of Philadelphia with S.

Today S and I saw the Atomic Testing Museum, sent postcards to J and R, and test walked part of the first day of the Sacred Peacewalk. Tomorrow we are planning on feeding people breakfast with the Las Vegas Catholic Worker then setting up the tent for the Pacific Life Community's Retreat.

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