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Now for a longer comprehensive post: After the PLC Retreat we stayed some extra days getting familiar with the geography of the city of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, visiting Red Rock and the Valley of Fire Nevada State Park. We left Las Vegas riding with our friend C to the Bay Area then S and I took Amtrak to back to Arcata. There B (S's dad), E (S's sister), S, and I went to Larrupin' Cafe in nearby Trinidad to celebrate B's dad's Birthday. I was surprised by the lack of vegetarian choices as three out of four are vegetarian. An order of lamb chops and three orders of very good spanikopita.

We went on a few bike rides in Arcata then on Friday, March 16th, we woke at 5a, drove S's car (loaded with both our bikes), picked up R & J in Berkeley, then reached Milpitas for my sister's wedding rehearsal that afternoon. I had the role for me to walk her down the aisle to "give her" to her bridegroom. The Saturday, March 17th wedding was beautiful, emotionally moving but patriarchal and christian. J enjoyed swimming at the hotel before the wedding rehearsal.

The next day R learned how to ride a bike then Sunday, March 18th S, R and I went to San Francisco Chinatown (per his specific request) then had vegetarian dim sum, saw family relevant sites, touristy sites, then used bikes in participating in an antiwar peace march down Market Street.

Monday, March 19 S and I participated (again with bikes in San Francisco) in a Die-in. http://indybay.org/newsitems/2007/02/26/18369321.php

We are in the above photo. Can you find us ? We were lying down both in protest and / or resting from the previous four days.

While in the Bay Area I hung out with dryadgrl and connor. That was fun.

I had fun at the previously blogged Thai dinner with S, qibitum and randomos at Amarin then the next day S and I left Berkeley going further southeast camping in beautiful King's Canyon having a good trip.

Yesterday morning S and I got up at 3:30a, packed up camp, leaving by 4:30a, then continued driving southeast to Las Vegas for the Nevada Desert Experience Board Meeting. The sunrise I saw in the central valley was glorious, Interstate 15 long and fast moving, the Mojave Desert beautiful.

At the two day Board meeting 1) I was placed on the Executive Council with more Board responsibilities then surprisingly 2) S and I were offered host and housing for April and May. After doing logistics for the Peacewalk (for which we now have a constructed bikecart to do greater bike support) (Yea ! We are peacewalking down the Las Vegas Strip !) we would be able to do some more desert camping, host the St. Francis & Clare location maybe setting up some desert permaculture and start a compost pile there, and maybe doing more early morning food serving with the Las Vegas Catholic Worker.

What I have been feeling ranges from:
*) having fun traveling with S, doing activist stuff for Nevada Desert Experience, to
*) wondering where we will end up in April and now feeling tied to Las Vegas till mid May, to
*) sad that noncommunication had occurred between Lost Valley and myself re: Membership in three different versions with the "Official" version that a decision of "No decision" was made with some mistrust of Lost Valley process that is more cleared up now.

And now a specific computer question: Have any of you used DonorPerfect.com fundraising software ? What has been your experience with this software ?


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Mar. 26th, 2007 03:02 pm (UTC)
LEAD got a donation from Salesforce (http://www.salesforce.com) last year to do their donor management with. Salesforce makes donations to 501(c)3 organizations for that purpose. Y'all may want to check that route out.


PS. Question - Why is Christian bad? Just curious. :)
Mar. 26th, 2007 03:09 pm (UTC)
Re: salesforce
Christian wasnt "bad". I was just suprised how much Christ has influenced my sister's life. Both her spouce and my sister had printed aknowlegdements to "Heavenly Father" in their Wedding program and seemed (more than I had expected) very devoted to Christian living, Christ, and the influence that Christ has brought to their lives.

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