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Where to begin ...
So after the Board Meeting I have been very busy. S and I were very busy organizing parts of the Peacewalk, S specifically taking on and organizing food for the weeklong event. Below is a picture of bike support (water, fruit, snacks, first aid) for the Peacewalkers as biking north on the Las Vegas Strip.

As the Peacewalk began I did a couple of press interviews then doing more bike support (instead of relying on gas powered SAG vehicles) for the Peacewalkers. I found it frustrating to get out of the Las Vegas city limits even having to get through a hole in a chainlink fence. There just are no accurate maps of bikable against-the-traffic route maps.

After my bike broke, we continued doing support and First Aid for the Peacewalkers. S and I doing more food and logistics support, and I photo downloading from participant's digital cameras during the Peacewalk for the Peacewalk blog, and bottom-lined setting up a large tent for the April 1st Rally in the desert.

disregard the photo date

I had one of my best birthdays ever in the Desert National Wildlife Range.

After the rally S and I crossed the Nevada Test Site no-entry line, getting arrested with the likes of Carrie Dann, Louie Vitale, Martin Sheen, Ann Wright and 34 others, then after receiving citations of trespassing on Federal property, did another press interview then went back to Las Vegas.

Over the last three days S and I have been putting away Peacewalk camp gear, saw TMNT, got my bike repaired, and have been busy biking around Las Vegas (an unfriendly town for bikes and no accurate bike route maps) finding the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, feeding the poor (Las Vegas is an unfriendly city for the transient) with the Las Vegas Catholic Worker, and getting library cards (a very friendly Library getting some books on Xeriscaping and S getting a free tote bag).

Right now I am supposed to be reading CEU materials to retain my RN license.

Tuesday evening we used this haggadah at our seder. It was beautiful. I am setting aside chametz and corn syurp this Passover.

Next stuff up is helping settle problems and helping organize a Mother's Day Weekend reunion for Corbin Harney, details of the reunion are here: http://www.wildernessthx.com/ntsreunionwcorbin/


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Apr. 7th, 2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
Found my way here because Technorati tells me who's linking to my blog, and wanted to say that I'm really glad you enjoyed the haggadah. Thank you for saying so! :-)

Wishing you a sweet Pesach,

Rachel (Velveteen Rabbi)
Apr. 7th, 2007 04:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you. My girlfriend was just reading your blog as you commented in mine. She was the one who pointed me in your direction having used your haggadah last year as well.

Good Pesach
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