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Cars, Crosses, Cockroaches, CEUs, Cacti

So I am making phonecalls to sell my car that is retired in Berkeley. We came here in S's car that is here along with two other gas dino powered vehicles. Seems like too many cars in the drive of the Friary. A Friary fleet, however, in a car centric city.

There are Crosses hanging in every room of the Friary, or at least a statue of Mary or something.

Found a couple of cockroaches too. I have been hearing that there are a lot of roaches in the desert. I think I hadnt missed seeing roaches in Oregon. Maybe there were being eaten by mice or snakes.

Yesterday I sent off some postcards to R & J in Berkeley, dryadgrl & C in Oakland, M & K in Dexter about wanting to spruce up the courtyard garden of the Friary compound by pulling dead aloe plants, xeriscaping some plants, as well as build a compost pile (usable in a desert climate). Wrote that last week we went hunting for xeriscaping info at the Library then heard of and found the Springs Preserve but only visited the info shop as the gardens are being moved so they are closed till June. The postcards were from the Springs Preserve which has a neat website.

Yesterday I also finished fulfilling my CEUs for my renewal period, so then I sent off my license renewal form as well as sending off my 2006 taxes.

Last night S and I watched a DVD of "The Lion In Winter" snuggled up on a sofa in the Friary.

Had a dream night before last of being chased and snapped at by toothy land mobile porpoises.

S and I are planning on going to a Step It Up event in a hour. After breakfast this morning we watched a couple of episodes of "The Unsustainables" and studied Spanish together.

Tomorrow we plan on going to a The Cactus & Succuclent Society of Southern Nevada - 2007 Spring Show & Sale maybe getting some plants for the courtyard.

I am also looking forward to meeting up with cydniey at some point.

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