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The trip to the Poo-Ha-Bah hot springs was long and beautiful. S and I caravanned with two others traveling from Las Vegas via a short cut taking Nevada State Highway 160 connecting to the Old Spanish Trail Highway through the Mojave Desert to Tecopa. The trip was mostly on the desert flats but also went over part of the Spring Mountains Range. The traveling was fun. Upon arriving, we made and had dinner then utilized the pools. The mineral hot springs were relaxing and enjoyable. However working the next day on the roof was not, specifically interacting with the others who were working on the roof.

On the way back S and I stopped for a hike in the Spring Mountains Recreation Area before heading back to the Friary through the beautiful Red Rock Canyon Area.

While out at Poo-Ha-Bah I gathered some rocks from the desert to place in the Friary courtyard to provide habitat and shelters for lizards to hunt the cockroaches. Another prong of roach abatement is planting catnip in a xeriscape herb spiral garden. When I turned the compost pile yesterday there were a few roaches scuttling about.

The transplanted Agave is looking well after being moved, having been moved about 3ft away from the overhanging mesquite tree. I remain surprised by how heavy, heavy, heavy the Agave was to move. The mesquite tree now has more space and is not being poked by the Agave's spiky leaves. The Agave is no longer spiky and in the way in the preferred concrete foot path and is replanted now located central in the garden, having more room to grow, and will now block cross garden foot traffic that might injure the smaller plants that I am going to establish.

S and I mostly cuddled yesterday as we were watching a library DVDs of "The O. C." intermixed with practicing Spanish via the newly received Instant Immersion Spanish Program.

Last night was a nice quiet shabbat with a pinot noir, challah, tofu, kale and baked sweet potatoes.

We just got back from being at a May day potluck, wrapping a Maypole with Lance and Lorelle. I liked again seeing his NSX.

Reading "Death by Theory: A Tale of Mystery and Archaeological Theory"


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May. 1st, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
So, I'm thinking...
...there's a good chance you know my friend Phil Klasky. (I've just spotted you on WWO.) What a very very small world this is!!
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