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I have been learning more about the database and how to use Microsoft Works, as well as Adobe PageMaker to help publish the next outgoing Nevada Desert Experience Newsletter "Desert Voices".

Monday S and I biked to visit a neighbor and went for a quick dip in her swimming pool. Then we had Chinese Fast Food.

On Tuesday, S and I went to an Interfaith Council meeting representing NDE, then after the meeting took the leftover lunches to some guys on the street, then later went to a May 1st Event for Worker and Immigrant Rights protesting also the STRIVE Act. I learned the chant of “Bush, escucha, estamos en la lucha” (“Bush, listen, we are in the struggle”) and El pueblo unido jamás será vencido. About 5000 people marched around downtown Las Vegas starting and then ending outside of the Lloyd D. George Federal District Courthouse at S Las Vegas Blvd & Bridger Ave.

Early Wednesday morning S and I helped with the regular 6:30am Las Vegas Catholic Worker food scooping again at G St & McWilliams Ave then helped do a food pickup from a Whole Foods Market in west Las Vegas to help get more food for the LVCW's "Hospitality Day". Then by 10a on Wednesday we were back at the Friary helping fold the outgoing Pace E Bene newsletter,

Wednesday evening was another protest outside the Courthouse about the veto of H.R.1591. That event had about 75 - 100 people.

Thursday morning S and I biked to the regular 8:30am weekly Protest / Peace Vigil outside the Courthouse. There was a grand total of 7 protesters.

Thursday afternoon I finished helping edit the electronic version of "Desert Voices" as watching our webperson use Dreamweaver.

Friday was early morning food scooping again with the LVCW then S, Leigh, and I went for a breakfast buffet at the Stratosphere Las Vegas (however the tower was closed so we only went to approx. 50 feet up within the 1,149 ft tall building complex), did another food pickup from Whole Foods Market, then brought 503 (3) (c) paperwork to a Trader Joe's to initiate future food pickups.

I think I just fixed the hot water heater at the Friary.

Tonight we are planning on going to the synagogue of the Rabbi that came to do a Shabbat on the NDE Peacewalk. We might the go to Las Vegas's First Friday event.

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