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I sent out today the press releases for the "CORBIN HARNEY TO BE HONORED AT TEST SITE ACTION"

S and I curled up on the couch watching "Los Jornaleros" a film about day laborers.

I am feeling nervous.

I am going on a hunger strike for one day in solidarity with "UC Student Hunger Strike, May 9 at UC Campuses"

"1. Join us for a short-term (one-day, for example) solidarity fast. Fasting is a remarkable way to cleanse your body, and doing so for a short amount of time entails virtually no physical risk. Even if you can't fast, come visit us on campus! There will be six Berkeley students doing a 7-day solidarity fast with the hunger strike, and during the day they will be sitting near California Hall with signs and outreach materials. Please come show your support!

2. Attend our "No Nukes In Our Name!" rally at the UC Regents meeting on Thursday, May 17th at 10 a.m. at UC San Francisco's Mission Bay building. Due to the level of local, statewide, and national attention we expect to gain through this action, we anticipate being able to bring a great deal of pressure to bear on the Regents. You can also sign up to speak during the public comment period of the meeting at 8 am - please call the regents secretary. A large mobilization at this action is crucially important! For driving directions, visit www.ucnuclearfree.org or contact youth@napf.org.

3. Call the UC Regents – ask that they vote on our resolution for nuclear weapons lab severance on May 17th. It is crucial for as many supporters as possible issue this demand, whether they be California tax-payers, UC students, or concerned citizens of the world! Please see Regents contact info below.

4. Write a letter to the UC Regents – ask that they vote on our resolution for nuclear weapons lab severance on May 17th. Please see the list of contacts below. An online form letter will be available at www.ucnuclearfree.org beginning on Wednesday, May 9th.

5. Write a letter of solidarity to the hunger strikers. You can send emails to youth@napf.org, and we will forward them on to the other hunger strikers. Your letters will go a long way toward boosting our morale as the hunger strike wears on. We will read many of them at the rallies and public events we hold to garner support throughout the action.

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