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Franciscans Everywhere

Yesterday I studied more Spanish.

Much has been happening but the big thing for Friday was biking to a Vinyasa yoga class. I had wanted to have a shabbat dinner with the Rabbi but her husband recently had a stroke. I wish them both better health.

Saturday morning we received urgent phone messages about Mother's Day Gathering participants and gear stuck in Las Vegas so S and I then transported the groceries and people to the Mother's Day Gathering at the Peace Camp. S and I spent just a little bit of time at the Gathering. I had a nice time talking with some old friends. While I was there I got more rocks for the Courtyard Garden project too. Whoo Hoo ...

Sunday the next resident, a Secular Franciscan, of the Friary arrived with her dog named Shiloh. She and the dog will be living here with the Sr. when the Sr. returns from her vacation from Ireland.

The Pace e Bene Conference ended on Sunday so I hung out with Louie for a bit before transporting him to the Greyhound Station. I also wikipediaed a page regarding him.

I have been enjoying giving back rubs to S.

Alex of Seed of Peace dropped off the loaned camping gear from the Mother's Day Gathering on Monday before continuing back. I helped the new resident set up her Dell Dimension 2400 to the wireless, I also transplanted more Catnip and Basil into the Courtyard.

Later Monday afternoon I took a bike ride to get a take out meal from Capriottis for the three of us, then upon rearriving at the Friary, met a film maker named Velcrow and Sera. Both are staying here at the Friary to interview Rosemary Lynch for his next film: Fierce Light

Today I am meeting cydniey and kelli for gelato at the Bellagio. Expecting fun.

I am planning on another online FundRaiser Tour tomorrow then finish packing up and leaving Wednesday or Thursday. R has invited me to be at a Magic Tournament at Eudemonia Friday in Berkeley.

I am looking for Live Journeralers to meetup with in Seattle, Washington.

Gotta go, Rosemary arrived...


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May. 15th, 2007 08:06 pm (UTC)

doc is joining us tonight, so you'll be looking for three people. he's taller than i am and has dark hair.

can't wait to meet you! =}
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