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Poolsiding, Car pooling, Mind puddling

I had a lot of fun yesterday.

First was a good bye gathering for Leigh at a poolside party that turned out to be in a location in south east Las Vegas. Leigh is going back to Canada after being at the Las Vegas Catholic Worker since February. He is planning on having a layover visiting the Los Angeles Catholic Worker on his bus ride north. The party turned out to also then be a good bye party for S and myself as well.

Both S and I got a bit sunburned.

We then carpooled back to the Las Vegas Catholic Worker House in North Las Vegas then S and I departed and went back down to the Las Vegas Strip to meet cydniey. I choose the Bellagio to meet at as Café Gelato is reported on the internet as having "the world's best gelato".

Upon arriving in the colorful casino S and I arrived at the quieter corridor housing the Café Gelato, so believing that 'internet truth', I went inside, eager with anticipation to find out what the form of the world's best gelato would look like. S sat and waited for the people fitting the description that I had received. She came in and told me that "There are three people that just sat down in the corridor. It must be them. Who else would just come over and sit down in the [plush] seats [in the corridor] ? "

I went out side, sat down, peering over, trying not to look conspicuous. They were talking amongst themselves then my cellphone rings. Further described here: http://cydniey.livejournal.com/2135400.html

The gelato was good, delicious, I offered to pay for the dessert as I had chosen the venue and initiated the contact. I felt kinda awakward about that not having checked in with the outhers first.

I was A) glad that the hallway portion in front of the Café Gelato was open to us remaining and being there, B) unsure of when we should move on of our own accord.

I liked the quieter corridor in as such I could hear better the conversation.

Moving on to dinner seemed like a good idea but we all couldnt seem to find a restaurant featuring inexpensive Italian or Thai. S and I were tired as well so we left kinda soonish after arriving at the abode of cydniey and Doc. Sunburned and sun fatigued. Turns out where we were pool partying yesterday is right close to where cydniey, Doc, and kam316 live. I was so tired I forgot to say bye to kam316. "Bye" and *hug* to kam316

Arriving back at the Friary, I put aloe (fresh from the aloes in the yard) on S's sunburned back.

I am taking a break right now from the packing we have been doing this morning. Wrapping up loose ends and finishing tasks not yet done before we leave. So far we did another "FundRaiser Select" online tour this morning, returned library books to the library, put away the group camping gear into the closet, tweaked the swamp coolers, and so in addition to our packing our personal belongings into the car we should finishing writing "thank you cards" to NDE donors, turn the compost one more time, label the turning fork I bought but am donating to the Las Vegas Catholic Worker (why pack a turning fork without a location to use it at), disassemble the bike trailer, and about another ten things that are slipping my mind right now.

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