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Intentional Communities everywhere

I am back in internet wireless-ness

S and I are at Duwamish a cohousing community in West Seattle. Neat !

We have traveled up from Las Vegas, stopped in Berkeley, saw my kids then dryadgrl, then qibitum, then proceeded further up California to Arcata.

While in Arcata I went on a bike ride with S and her dad from Arcata to Eureka and back to get S's prescription eye glass frames filled. She had "won" the frames at the "Silent Auction" at the Satsuki Bazaar. "Won" for $21, but still better than fuller price. Timely in that S's old eyeglasses had finally broken just that morning.

The next morning I went shopping with E (S's sister) for a used Crown Victoria Police car that she was contemplating on buying and reselling. She bought car 108.

After packing lots of our stuff we drove S's fairly full Honda Accord (small car) from Arcata back to Lost Valley, borrowed a van and moved the entirety of my stuff out of Lost Valley into storage on Saturday, saw a few friends, hung out with kids M and K, then stopped by to see k.

I felt hurt in the way she chose to leave me and the relationship last year.

I feel sad to have parted with Lost Valley, but happy to have parted in the way that I did. I didnt want to contribute to the drama that I have been hearing about via email and heard about while there. The membership process that excluded myself and Gavain seemed harsh. In excluding me (and not specifically communicating with me) I felt that both S and I were excluded. I hear that both Gavain and k are also feeling unsupported and excluded.

I have been waking having had nightmares the last few nights.

So then S and I drove the even fuller small car arriving in Tacoma Sunday evening staying at the Tacoma Catholic Worker.

S wrote a very nice email to the Lost Valley listserv stating the feelings we both had about the membership process regarding us, how it was for us. That we both really love the community. That we both found each other. I thought the email was sweet and expressed how I felt.

Then we got here yesterday to the housing community of my cousin's.


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May. 31st, 2007 03:59 pm (UTC)
ming - i'm sorry things happened the way they did with lost valley. i'm also glad to hear how k is doing.. i may send her a note to just say hi. anyhow, i'm jealous you are getting to do so much while i'm here in utah. enjoy your travels.

May. 31st, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
Hi ya,

I invite you to sign in and check out the expanded entry: http://rkmlai.livejournal.com/255950.html

It goes into a little more of my visit and gives more details, specifically regarding your entry to me here.

I hope to have fun doing things by myself while S is working her 11hr days. Probably do some Catholic Worker stuff, help with a house building for GZCenter.org , things with http://seattlepermacultureguild.org

See you,
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