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We have been at Duwamish for a little over a week. Temporary housing with my cousin. This overall move has had a lot of uncertainty for me. S starting a new job. Specifics vague (but now coming into place). My own move out of where I have been living for the past two and a half years. Putting my stuff in to storage. Unknowns of internet access, accessibility for me to other parts of Seattle, uncertainties regarding the commute for S to and from Issaquah with long manual labor in between.

She is now the Crew Supervisor.

Some of our housing plans fell apart either because of the changed mind of the sublettor or I didnt pass a credit check. However yesterday we were offered housing in a nice house with permaculture people. Today I was approved for two apartments that I applied for. I was sad Monday about the "failed" credit report but happy yesterday in that we got a permie house.

Friday, as S was at her first introductory work day, I walked through Seattle checking out apartments, finding available medical services, exploring the Seattle Central Library, exploring the city, then got upset getting lost on the freeway system, S and I watching the setting sun at 9p, trapped in the car, as we looped back over a freeway bridge into Seattle downtown then back into West Seattle. (apparently traumatizing to me)

The weekend was filled with seeing the Bullock Brother's Nursery on Orcas Island as S was on an overnight weekend Wilderness First Aid training. I liked the tour very much. Areas that appealed to me the most were the variety of growth, the volume of greenery. I also liked the overall atmosphere but I felt, on Sunday morning, sad about having moved from Lost Valley. The environs of Orcas were very similar to Lost Valley where I had been for the last two and a half years and had hoped to retire. So there were feelings of sadness about moving from Lost Valley and sadness that Lost Valleyits were surprised that I moved. Sad about malcommunications and miscommunications between Lost Valley. Maybe also sadness about what will the future bring for S and myself ?, and will we find the place we are wanting, to live together ? (but then I received the approving phone calls Tuesday and today).

I have been having nightmares again frequently. Lastnight's was about S losing personal equipment at work. I really dislike that I get attached to physical objects. Afterwork lastnight S and I watched about half of "Harold and Maude" before she fell asleep. The movie may have also provoked the nightmare about "Loss".

She appreciated that I cooked her dinner. I was surprised in that isnt that what one does for a tired loved one ? I love her.


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Jun. 7th, 2007 02:20 am (UTC)
hi, richard. it sounds like your life is filled with adventure and fun. best wishes to you and your loved ones.
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