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Today I am planning on exploring Rainer Ave. S in the Rainier Valley with emphasis on Columbia City.

Yesterday I went into the University District and helped with a mailing for Ground Zero, a nuclear abolition group, requesting funding and support for their building of a House of Resistance in Poulsbo. Wow. I didnt know that co mailing participant Jennifer Casolo was Jennifer Casolo. She was fun to interact with and hopefully I can help her with a database problem she was having.

After the mailing I went for a brief walk that then lead me to getting lost in Ravenna Park. Beautiful woods but frustrating in being lost and still feeling abdominally sick.

After the busride south then getting home, S and I went on a beautiful and reenergizing bike ride through Seward Park.

I then finalized plane and train tickets to travel to see J and R on their party at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. Expensive.

Over S's weekend we watched DVDs of "Brick" on Friday, "Dogma" Saturday morning before home moving, failed to see the movie of "Waitress" because of my abdominal illness Sunday evening, and watched "The Devil Wears Prada" on Monday.

S an I made a Nutty Lentil loaf for the work potluck that was on Monday evening. I was glad to meet her coworkers. I felt more included in S's worklife. Names with faces and faces with names.

I am thinking about taking this course: http://www.permacultureportal.com/courses_current.html#teacher

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