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I am noticing Vinca planted and growing in many places everywhere, now that I can more readily identify it. S has been saying after she gets back from work, that when she closes her eyes, she can still see horsetail and blackberry, plants she has been tackling in her work, images deposited on her retinas.

I had a nice breakfast with M on Thursday morning.

I feel sad to have missed the Solstice Celebration Thursday at Ocean Beach in the evening. Instead I did perhaps the more responsible things of visiting with my mom, then going and visiting my 98yo grandmother who is now newly residing in a convalescent hospital. The visit was good, encouraging her to eat, walking her a bit. I then accompanied my mom to an appointment with a lawyer where my sister was. At the appointment I found out how my sister was sorting through my mother's and grandmother's stuff, finding grandmother's lost stock certificates, unclaimed money via California.gov , all while trying to consolidate and account for my grandmother's finances. My sister is the admin of the Trust. My sister was 'stressed', and I heard she felt supported by my presence. I felt obliged to be at this juncture of my grandmother's management of her stuff. Perhaps 'guilty' of not being more in the Oakland area to help my birthfamily sort through the mounds and heaps of accumulated paperwork and items, accompanied by familial psychological attachments. I joked with my sister how I had done the first move of my mom years ago and how she had done it a couple of years past. Our mother is out of progeny to help sort through her stuff further in the future.

They take me to such fun things; dealing with paperwork, not having the specific required paperwork, discussing the need to get rid of paperwork junk while needing to keep track of "the important stuff" or face dire legal consequences. Listening to bickering about how to get rid of useless paperwork. Such fun things from family. Me listening to my fear of turning into my family. Solstice was indeed a long day for me.

Yesterday, Friday I got up early at 4a, walked to the Emeryville Amtrak station while looking for but not finding an available cab, got aboard a commuter Amtrak train, got to Sacramento International Airport then boarded a 737-300, deplaned at Sea-Tac noting again how similar the signage, floor mosaics, and architecture is between the two airports. There, as I was awaiting arrival of baggage, S's brother (A) gave me a call stating he was arriving in the Seattle area today. Joy for cellular phones.

After A's arriving at the airport, we left taking more public transit (for me) and picked up groceries, challah, then got S's car and then picked up S from her drop off point of Tuesday.

Nice shabbat dinner as catching up with the week's past highlights.

I enjoyed my time talking with J and his son R in Sacramento on Tuesday.

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