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Lost, lost, lost ...

Over the Weekend Saturday we went sightseeing at Discovery Park, hiked around seeing Elliot Bay, Puget Sound and went to the West Point Lighthouse. That was fun. There was for me some frustration in the driving and getting lost on the way to the park. The next day Sunday we did some biking to the Goodwill store, looking for some stuff for A. We got lost biking along the way there which I found frustrating also. I think that the maps dont seem to be able to convey the hills and underpasses of the routes. We had a great dinner cooked by A then watched "Notorious C.H.O". Monday we took A to the Greyhound station then waited for his bus that then became a late bus. Afterward S and I returned home, then biked to a yoga class, then had a nice salad for dinner. Today I got lost looking for, while biking to a bike shop, which is why I am posting here instead of being at the yoga class I planned on being at at 12p. In my defense I was told that the cyclery was at 20th and E Madison v. it being at 20th Ave. and E Union St..

Kinda in some instances a frustrating weekend for me.

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