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Friday evening I got ill in yoga class. I got very light headed and sleepy. Kinda nauseous. S got there too late to participate, too much car traffic, arriving just moments after I had left the class and as I was recovering in the rest area. After getting back home however I had a good shabbat.

Saturday was S' birthday. Her mom, A, was visiting Seattle to see S. We all went for a walk in Seward Park then went and saw the movie "Sicko". I resonated somewhat with the scene wherein a patient is discharged from the hospital via taxi and is wandering around. About 15years ago I had been rapidly discharged from Kaiser Hospital in Oakland after surgery, sent home in a taxi without fare, to my apartment in Berkeley in the late late night. Not quite the same but similar. When I worked for Kaiser much latter I made sure never to do that to someone else. The movie has brought up all sorts of memories, from being a charge nurse having to report on an LVN abusing patients then me getting scrutinized by my manager, in turn. How I liked being a charge nurse at Kaiser. How I liked being a Medical Team Leader for noncompetitive fundraising sporting events.

After the movie, S, her mom, and I went for a walk along the Elliott Bay shore then miscommunicated. We got lost again in the city. Then home. I seemed grumpy at the end of the day. I had been expecting something different.

Sunday morning we went and had dim sum then we went for a hike seeing some of the environs of where S works. We saw Twin Falls in Olallie State Park then saw Snoqualmie Falls. We then had a birthday dinner. I had a beautiful day.

Monday we went supply shopping. And I got "The Omnivore's Dilemma" as a gift for S.

Today I had fun gardening and moving mulch.

BTW: R (in Berkeley) had fun baking in the bakery last Wednesday.

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